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Since 1993, Own Ship mediates in the rental of private sailboats, motorboats and flat-soil ships in the Netherlands. In addition, Own Ship mediates in the rental of boats from charter companies in the Netherlands and abroad. You can also come to us for the rental of manned sailing and motor boats.

Boating in
the Netherlands

For an unforgettable sailing holiday enjoy boating on meandering rivers with charming locks and picturesque landscapes. You will find the most beautiful sailing routes in the Netherlands. From the Frisian lakes and the Wadden Islands to the Oosterschelde and the IJsselmeer. Hoist the sails and enjoy the speed!

Carefree Sailing

Are you thinking of spending a weekend sailing with the family? Or are you finally planning that long sailing trip this year? Whatever it turns out to be : you want to sail carefree. The Holiday Policy of Unigarant will keep you free from worries and that’s a good feeling!

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Your own ship

On your own ship, with the wind in your hair, full force ahead. On the water you can enjoy nature in peace and with each other. Boating gives that ultimate sense of freedom. Especially on an Own Ship boat. It immediately feels like yours. You can choose from more than a hundred yachts and in every price range: from a sturdy sloop to a classic sailing yacht.

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