Boats for rent in IJsselmeer

Sailing on the IJsselmeer
It doesn't get more Dutch than this! Embark on a sailing vacation and cruise along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast and discover authentic fishing villages such as Makkum, Stavoren, the beautiful Lemmer and Workum. Alternatively, opt to rent a motorboat and sail along Enkhuizen or Andijk and Medemblik or Den Oever, all located on the North Holland IJsselmeer coast. Don't forget to visit Flevoland to enjoy the old centre of Urk and the somewhat larger city of Lelystad.

The IJsselmeer is also excellent for combining with a trip to the Wadden Sea, or you can rent a boat and enjoy sailing in Friesland. Sail through the locks in Lelystad or Enkhuizen, and soon you'll be connected to the Markermeer, where you can visit the Marker Wadden. An unique experience! And if that’s not enough, continue sailing to discover the old towns of Hoorn, Volendam, and Monnickendam. With the charming atmosphere of bygone times, it's worthwhile to rent a boat at Own Ship Yachtcharter and navigate through them. Enjoy the marinas and the typical old Dutch look as you leisurely stroll through these ancient towns. For experienced sailors or hobby skippers, the IJsselmeer is a beautiful area to navigate through, suitable for both small and larger sail and motorboats.