Insurance and equipment Carefree sailing

How are the yachts equipped?

Our yachts are tiptop and fully equipped. Of course, the equipment varies per boat. In the overview of motorboats and sailboats you will find all specifications for each boat. You need to bring your own bed linen, towels and food (unless otherwise stated). Some yachts offer additional options such as gennaker, spinnaker and life raft. If you would like to use these, you can indicate this on the booking form. Please take into account a possible extra charge.

Yachts are well insured

Carefree sailing starts with the right insurance. That is why every yacht you can rent from us is all risk and rental insured. The associated excess varies per boat. This is the deposit that you shortly before departure to the owner of the boat. When renting within the Netherlands, it is in consultation also possible to pay the deposit in cash. If you return the boat on time and in good condition at the end of the hire period, the deposit will be refunded to you.

Do I have to take out insurance myself?

Of course, prevention is better than a cure. This applies also to your sailing holiday. Sometimes things can go wrong. A good travel and cancellation insurance is therefore very important. To make it even easier for you, you can immediately take out the Holiday Policy with Unigarant when booking a yacht. If something does happen, your vacation can continue.

  • Coverage for loss of liability and deposit
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Storm, ice and fog coverage
  • Quick assistance from the ANWB Emergency Center

Consequential damage and deposit

Did you accidentally sail against a jetty? Did you damage the engine or damage the cabin? There is a good chance that you will be held liable for this. With the Vaar Vakantie Policy you are covered. Unigarant also reimburses the deposit (up to a maximum of € 2,500) that you paid before departure. You only pay 15% of the deposit as a deductible.

The travel insurance covers

  • Luggage
  • Accidents
  • Medical costs
  • Dental costs
  • Extraordinary costs (in the event of an accident, illness or suffering)

Cancellation insurance

Unigarant will reimburse the cancellation costs if you cannot make the booked sailing trip due to an accident, illness or the death of a family member.

Storm, ice, cloud and mist coverage

Storm, ice or fog? Then you or your skipper may decide not to sail. With the Vaar Vakantie Policy you will receive a reimbursement from Unigarant.

Want to know more?

For more information and pricing please check our reservation form. Any other questions? Feel free to send us an email at