Advantages for you as a client

Renting a yacht through OWN SHIP offers you many advantages:

  • You can choose from numerous types of yachts, construction years and rental charges.
  • All yacht equipment conforms to the list of advised equipment, as used by the Dutch association of watersports-organizations.
  • In the Netherlands, the rental takes place according to the lease pleasure boat rental contract, together with the rental conditions, established by OWN SHIP.
  • Yachts rented through OWN SHIP are well equipped, and equipped with care. These yachts will make you feel right at home.
  • A yachtowner, who uses his own yacht, self-evidently takes good care of his yacht, and the required maintenance.
  • Every yacht is rented from it's homeport. You can choose a yacht with a homeport close to the area you would like to visit.