Boats for rent in Lelystad


An abundance of water and nature

Renting a boat from Lelystad is ideal, because the city has a view of the Markermeer and has the Flevopolder as its backyard. Water and nature lovers will love being in Lelystad, because this new area of the Netherlands is teeming with waterways, forests and nature reserves. The marinas of Lelystad are close to the city centre. If you want to rent a sailing boat or a motor boat, then Lelystad is the right place to be. If you want to do something else besides sailing, Lelystad has plenty to discover.

Lots to discover

The VOC ship Batavia is located in Lelystad Haven and takes you back to the time of when the Dutch sailed the world. Or visit the wreck of a Roman ship or enjoy the more than 20,000 objects in the archaeological maritime depot. Visual art on the street, lots of water and nature in the residential areas, fishing places, the Houtribhoek beach at Flevo Marina, surfin lake 't Bovenwater: You'll find all that in Lelystad as well.

Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden is a new part of the Netherlands, a group of natural islands that bring new life to the Markermeer. It is possible to rent a sailing boat from Lelystad and take a look at this new habitat for plants, insects, fish and birds. There is a port where you can berth and can enjoy a new beach, new hiking trails and bird watching spots.